Child Molestation America's New Favorite Pastime

There's a new trend that's taking the globe by storm. It's not hyper
color t-shirts, Wham, or Don Johnson it's child molestation. Mark the
date on your calendar June 13th, will be known now forever as child
molestation day; this of course being the date that the Jury in the
Michael Jackson trial said child molestation is ok to do.

Today you can go to church and get fucked by your pastor. You can go
camping with Uncle Ron and his buddy Johnny and get a double stuff. If
that's not your fetish you can go to your favorite pop stars ranch and
get railed while wearing your favorite power ranger outfit. Sounds
like fun right?

I wish child molestation would come to end. Not so much for the
heinous act itself, but for the sorry pieces of shit that whine on Dr.
Phil and Oprah every other day about there Step dad making them go
balls deep in their school girl outfit. Its getting harder and harder
to tell a girls age these days. They all look legal to me once they
get tittys. Although maybe I'm too busy gazing at their sacks of fun
to look up and see they are wearing braces and their face has broken
out. But if the girls insist on dressing like Brittany, Paris, or
Lindsey Lohan than they all deserve to be treated like the whores they
dress up to be like. I can say that the girls who are molested handle
their situation better than the boys that do. They know that if worst
comes to worst they can always become a porn star.

The guys are another topic by itself they just can't handle it. I can
relate to them being a guy and all, cocks are not welcomed here my
friends. But what these prissy fags have to come to terms with is shit
happens. There's always going to be a horny guy looking for ass. If it
so happens to be a boy so be it. Who's to judge? Morals are all just a
point of view. Anyways a lot of guys adjust too, some like the cock so
much they are now gay. So all that molesting did was speed up the fag

Humans are a fucked up species with brains that are far too complex
for anyone to understand. Even for the shrinks you pay big bucks to go
see. All they can do is estimate why you act like you do. They don't
ever cure anyone they sit back, listen to your problems and tell you
to take baby steps throughout the day. They think to themselves that
you are fucked up, but sympathize with you in a way because they go
home and think about the hot piece of ass down the street that's
thirteen years old wondering what it would be like. Or they go home
and molest a kid themselves. Wiping their ass with the money you paid
them with.

Molestation is the worlds dirty little secret that has been going on
since modern day man took his first breath. Just imagine who could
have been a child molester. George Washington; America's first
president could have been always on the prowl for little boys and
girls. Who is going to refuse the first president? Albert Einstein
could have been so smart because he was drinking the pussy juice of an
eight year old. Abraham Lincoln could have been killed for molesting a
relative of John Wilkes Booth. We will never know.

By know a lot of you out there may be thinking I'm going to hell for
writing this article. Some of you might have been molested yourself.
Honestly I don't give a fuck. I won't go to hell for only writing
about it, it's not like I molest boys and girls to get my rocks off.
But some of the pastors who have such a holy relationship with your
Lord do. So who's going to hell? Again if you have been molested and
you're a girl you're probably a whore who loves the cock. If you're a
guy, you're probably a whore who loves the cock. If you're a guy who
was molested by a woman, consider yourself a fucking pimp not a

So next June 13th as your throwing your molestation cook out complete
with fish tacos and polish sausage, remember of the men and women who
made that day possible. And how cool it is to molest kids. Also
remember on June 13th there will be enough tight pussy and small cocks
for all.

- Brad Brown

*** After reading this article I think Brad should be a day care attendant - Harder ***

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