The De-Evolution of Human Beings

So as you might imagine from the title, lately fucking everyone around here seems to be de-evolving. With all the basic needs given to most with a silver spoon, we see most of society aspiring to nothing. And why should they? They can eat, shit, sleep and even have LCD HDTV's with a 10 dollar an hour job... all the while never pushing the envelope because our basic needs are met. Instead we hop on trends and copy what few unique motives others bring to the lime light. This is all pretty normal really, but others... generally younger more naive idiots tend to do some extra-ordinary shit that just baffles me. This would be an endless article, I could probably do it weekly. So for now I'll touch a few highlights of our de-evolution.

Ok, to start why get something printed on your body permanently that you've never even used or are capable of using in a fucking sentence. HOW do you know what it means?

Great example: Gaijin, a term generally used by the Japanese for caucasian outsiders... however it has been said in the early 13th century it was used to describe retardation and homosexuality or "strange people"... and the mainstream media avoid the use of the term whenever possible in Japan. Yet we have it imprinted on our bodies daily in the US of A.

Great fucking idea fellas. Put some thought into your actions, if you can't write a sentence in the language, don't fucking print it on your body. There are plenty of websites dedicated to the mis-translations of chinese/japanese tatoos. Google it.

Do NOT hang out at the tanning salon

This was originally done at and by a gentleman I happen to know. Although this Pic is copy cat work. It is a good example of the shit i'm talking about. Yes, I fucking tan, eat me. I do not however fucking hang out at the counter all day and flirt with the under age broads like this cheese dick. This practice has become very popular among mongoloids and Emo's. It has also spread to the gym, now we see douche bags heading straight to the counter and just jabbing away at the broad working as opposed to doing anything other than curling and moaning. I can think of better things for you to fail at, please stop.


Lastly, the action of inaction. Whatever happened to walking the line? Doing what you want to do instead of settling. When did we become so fucking helpless we needed a fat fucking bald man telling us what to do with our lives?

Seriously though, what's with this fat fucking mutant selling a weight loss book?

It starts with the banning of dodge ball, now we can't stand up to a single challenge in our lives because we're breeding inaction.

The next time you sit down and think about tomorrow or what you'll do, think about how you can change or become better... and fucking do it. Don't just think about it. Have the balls to lay it down and get it done.

Do so without Tom Cruise and scientology. And you might just find yourself at a whole new level.

Stop wallowing like a pussy in depressing music in a attempt at justification at your own failures and short comings. Instead learn from them and grow. Otherwise you'll end up a bitter fuck, filled with failure and anti-depressants, and hey maybe you'll go crazy and shoot up a school... sound familiar?

I'll leave you with the wise words of David Hasselhoff: "Keep Smiling"

And if you're going to kill yourself, christ just do it. Jump off the Grand Canyon, that would be cool right?

Stop shooting people that aren't whining pussies. Even gods have bad days. Haven't you seen the video of that cheese burger kicking David Hasselhoff's ass when he's drunk? If you haven't you need to visit youtube.

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