The Rodenator

Boss of The Burrow

To start off i'll say this, Your thinking this is one badass flame thrower. Right? at first i'd aggree with you, but OHH no it's so much more, flame throwers have limitations in distance and can't control irritating pests, the Rodenator however can and WILL. Not only is the rodenator marketing genius but my god is this thing friggin cool. Correction, THE Rodenator Pro comes packed with all kinds of great add-ons including The Rodenator Assault Cart... which is currently out of stock. This beauty is no BS, sounds
absurd but this is the real deal and for only 1400 dollars you can own The Rodenator Pro and rid those filthy pests from your land <insert Hillbilly whooo>. You can even buy the Wood Gopher shovel for only 17.50 and the Indian Backpack Firefighting Pump for only 150.00 dollars, well worth the money as other Indian Backpack Firefighting Pumps are way over priced on the market today...

Rodenator Pro assault Cart:
Farmers today hate pests, and who doesn't? I think everyone should own a rodenator pro, it's now clear to me that many neighborhoods have burrowing pest problems. Start a Rodenator pro pest petition have your entire block chip in and control those pests! Here is some details:

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The Rodenator Pro™ works great to eliminate gophers, moles extermination and other yard pests. Rodenator Pro™ is also great for prairie dog control. The Rodenator Pro™ works better than traps, or poisons. It's a highly efficient way to rid your yard or field of moles, gophers, squirrels, prairie dogs and other small rodents.

The Rodenator Pro™ is safe and environmentally friendly. The Rodenator Pro™ uses a controlled mixture of propane and oxygen that is injected into the rodents burrow. A built-in, self contained ignition system then ignites the mixture, creating an underground shockwave or concussion that instantly eliminates the rodent and collapses the tunnel system of most burrowing rodents species.

How fucking cool is that? Ed Meyer sold me after you see his restrained glee in the 30 foot dust trail coming to mind in the many many times he's controlled burrowing pest problems. Now I know what your saying: "but jake i already own the Rodex 4000" that's ok, if you go to and click on trade in there is a special currently on your Obsolete un-supported Rodex 4000 (trade in for the Rodenator assault cart).

ED Meyer's Best lines:

"I don't even care if we got them or not it just felt good!"

""Rodenator Pro is a complete solution to your burrowing pest problems"

"Hooo that was a deep one, that was nice"

"Man we blew those suckers outta there"

"Then you get something burrowing in there, taking money out of there pocket"

"It's very enraging, Rodenator produces results, Your blowing them up!"

"Your gonna see a beautiful line there, sometimes 300 feet, pretty exciting, really gives you the sense of: we got this guy"

"This is a very offensive approach, they cannot out run this."

Ed Meyer is now responsible for creating something nearly as cool as the shotgun, Ed Meyer we salute you!

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