And Then There Was Pop Culture

Greetings and salutations, been awhile since i've ranted. Honestly i've been so busy (while doing plenty of ranting) I just have not had time to actually post anything. But alas here we are, recently I have been watching a bit more television. Usually just battlestar galactica and some VH1 classic, but then I catch some E channel, hence the pissed off at pop culture:

Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie is the reason children are stitching soccer balls in India. This fine example of american excess has never done anything good with her life and never will. Hell she even exploited the fact that she's a pomous strumpet by doing the show "the simple life" where she played the other fat broad. Now we see her after a couple lines of coke, a wild night and a long day of having a 8 year old boys ass surgically replacing her own gi-normous ball of cottage cheese.

I've said this about many, but Nicole Richie, I hope you die before I do... Bitch-Whore.

Fake Ass Wiggers.
I think since i'm white i'm allowed to use the term wigger correct?
My Problem with our specimen on the right here is this, well let me just define wigger.

Wigger: A white suburban male whom wishes to have the hardships of inner city poverished families. This species has been known to augment speech to sound completely asinine, walk with intentional limp, where primarily african american clothing lines, and pretend to smoke reefer. All the while making sure nobody follows them home to white suburbia.

Think i'm full of shit? check out this asshole, decked out buick and you can see the nice white suburban neighborhood in the background. What grounds is he claiming to be gangsta on? was "moms" trippin on letting me fuck bitches after 9? faggots, here's the video:

Here we see J.D. prime example of what i'm talking about. This fag seems to think he's had to make it for himself. Bullshit, J.D. is just another jerk off coat hanger survivor who should get his ass kicked for trying to be ghetto. Just cause you're stupid and ugly you don't have to jump on a trend to talk to people, J.D. while pretty ugly might have friends if he wasn't a halve retarded anti-social mutant.

I hope J.D. gets shot by a real rapper.

Like they say get rich or die trying. Considering not many get rich, by all means keep trying. Yes yes, America is populated by mongoloids.

And on quick notes before I stop ranting.

A) If you know any dumbasses that waited 2 days to buy a PS3 just to resell it laugh at them repeatedly. As they waited 2-day to make on average 300 bucks. Dumbasses.

B) Who gives a fuck whom Brad Pitt is banging. Give it a rest. SHIT! (tourettes guy style)

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