Chronicles of an ass kicker:

Keith David:
Samuel L. Jackson what? fuck Samuel, Hail Keith David. Keith David is a true african american badass. Keith David doesn't take shit from anyone. He's the man that made saying "motha fucka" at the beginning of every sentence sound natural.

Movie Credentials:

Marked for Death
(Seagal Flick)
Badass coach who's tired of Jamaican drug runners and decides to do something about it with the help of John Hatcher (seagal)

Pitch Black
Preacher man, bleh.

They Live (Alien movie with Rowdy Piper):
This movie contains probably one of the best 80's straight nail and tooth brawl scenes when him and the Piper go toe to toe in an ally.

Men At Work:
Charlie Sheen and Emelio's watch dog, Keith rocks in this movie, He hates cops, demonstrates the respect for another man's fries, and also kicks the shit out of 'the man' several times. On top of various badass veteran speeches.

Something about Mary:
Father to Mary who really brings the one liners out in this movie early, no one can say the line "God damn son, how'd you get the frank above the beef?" like Keith can.

The Thing:
Don't really remember his role that much, been years since i've seen the film, but i'm sure it was badass. Warning: this movie also contains Kurt Russell and was directed by John Carpenter, you may not be able to handle it's combined badassness.

I think also every man that kicks ass derives his 'strength' from a certain aspect of themselves... naturally. Keith's comes in his damn commanding voice, hell i'm done with college and I still want to further my career and pay for school by joining the Navy just cause Keith says so on commercials (you know which i'm talking about now that you think about it right?)

Also done various voice work in video games, Like the only thing that made the Arbitor cool in Halo 2 other than being a 7-foot tall badass alien. Newest featured voice work being main saint in "Saints Row" and I can tell you from only playing the game 10 minutes you'll be jacked hearing halve the lines Keith spits out.

Just look at the attitude Keith displays:

You know he's saying: "Motha Fucka don't make me come down there and put my size 12' in your ass" to the person on the phone.

I expect Keith to be the angry yelling chief in Lethal weapon 5... That'd rock.

Keith David's a man I feel doesn't get credit for how much ass he kicks, Pick up "Men At Work" or "Marked for Death" for good examples.

Talk about an old school natural ass kicker (it's not a Mike Tyson gap i'ts a Keith David gap in middle of teeth) and you're talking about Keith David. Praise him and all his original insults and one liners that only sound natural from Keith.

Keith David, Salutes you!!!

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