2006 A Year In Review

2006 was a boring year for the most part, a lot of the same BS if you ask me, MTV playing the same garbage shows, more WWII video games, PS3 launch that insults you over and over (including the dumbasses that didn't make any money), more hippy out cries against president bush (even some against Saddam's execution). So in retrospect i'll just cover the things that really pissed me off.

Radio Stations discover the internet:

Ever notice lately when listening to the radio "check out blah blah.com for you mix click reward points" or eatdickarmy opportunities. Lately this also includes: wanna know what song that was??? log on to ieatshit.com to find out and get 500 mix click reward points!!!

A) Uneducated radio guy, play your stupid music and stop plugging your webpage every 3 1/2 minutes, if it didn't eat so much shit you wouldn't have to.

B) Most people only listen to your dumbass show while driving... let me just look on my laptop while doing so. Assholes. I run over a kitten every time I hear log on for more mix click reward points.

Blu-Tooth enabled idiots:

Enter new technology guy, this fine specimen walks around needlessly talking on his portable blue tooth head set
all the while making everyone around him second guess that he's crazy or talking to them.

These were made for people to use in cars while driving, used otherwise means you are in fact an asshole.

Use of this device in the gym is grounds for castration.

Gwen Stefani is making fun of you:

Not only is this the worst video of 2006, its also very successful because of the mainstream morons.

I've come to the conclusion that Gwen Stefani is mocking pop culture yet they don't realize it... kind of like the Ali G of pop.

Just more proof that Gwen shits gold and at this point can yodel her way to success because people are dumbasses.

If you enjoy this song you are a moron.

Lastly, America finds Denny Blaze:

Lets face it, Youtube rocks. You can find just about everything on it, including clevelands own denny blaze.

Denny is straight old school and just an average home boy. You've noticed my excessive use of youtube as it's easy and doesn't tax my bandwidth.

You'd be surprised what you'll find on there just from your very own home town. I found our dear Joey from Lorain Ohio. (i pass him everyday going to the gym from work, entertaining to say the least)

Eminem's son:

And here's Joey! He's been on this street corner for about 5 years now seems like rapping with this sign up... If i'm not mistaken is a huge wrestling fan, this seems to corelate with this behavior.


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