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From: 'chris O'Donnell' <odon***@********> Sent: Mon Oct 17 17:20

To: Priority: Normal

Subject: Deuschebags at the gym Type: Text

Recently my brother directed me to your website and I must say that you guys
seem to have a pretty good grip on what kicks ass and what totally sucks
balls. Normally I wouldn't bother you guys with an email, but after reading
that one of you guys goes to the gym I felt compelled to write about dudes
that go to my gym that bother the fuck out of me, so here goes:

First of all, there is only one reason to go to the gym, to get in shape.
Showing up with your boys and talking about how much you drank at the bar
last night and how many fat chicks gave you thier digits wont add an once of
Arnold-like pumpitude to your frame. Also, under no circumstances should you
ever have a phone in the gym. I don't want to hear about how many
cell-phones you sold at the mall kiosk today while im trying to work out and
your screaming to your mom on the phone so the chick listening to her ipod
can hear you. Which brings me to proper gym attire, if you are actually
somewhat Stallone-like in appearence, good for you, but I lose all respect
when you cant find a shirt with sleeves on it to wear. And for the love of
god if you must cut the sleeves off your shirt be careful not to cut so much
that I can see your fucking disgusting nipples peeking at me whenever you
move.Fat is not muscle so stop walking around like your man tits are the
best shit going. The only chicks at the gym that would give you the time of
day are all located in New Jersey so pack up the IROC and get the fuck outta
my town. I don't want to hear phrases like, "push it!", and "thats all you
kid!", while I'm just trying to keep life from catching up with me.

I could go on about the guys that have product in thier hair and matching
clothes, but I think you get the point. If just once The Delta Force lead by
Chuck Norris would show up and lay these fuckers out I would be eternally
grateful. Thats about all, except maybe you guys should make a deusche
classification page. See-ya.

**Harder**: Well Chris i'm glad someone on this earth agrees with me on these idiots at the gym. Lately piles of gym bags, cell phones, PDA's, and adrenal stacks have plagued my work out space when there is absolutely no need for these devices in my ass kicking radius. Things keep going like this i'm just gonna start dropping plates on their shit to teach these tards a fucking lesson as nor the gym or myself is accountable for your need to receive a phone calls during your all day curl routine. I'm sure your buddy can wait an hour to update you on the current state of a reality show. If your on call for work, well there are phone clips for a reason..... aka clip it to your waist.

As I stated before if your emails kick ass i'd post um, this one happened to do so. Always good to here from fans and sometimes idiots - Harder

(we will get back to regular updates, just a busy time in our recent college grad. lives)

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