What the Hell happened to Sly?

Confused? I know for most of you this is probably destroying your whole reality. But i can't help but notice Stallone may have some queer tendancies. Besides not giving me his autograph while i'm 2-feet from him at the Arnold Classic Stallone has done some very gay things in his time. This how ever does not deny that Sly has kicked major ass in Cobra, Rocky 1,2, and 4, (he was afraid in 3 and 5 kind of blew) Tango & Cash, Every Rambo made, Get Carter, and Demolition Man. But his latest installment in spy kids 3 is well stupid, everyone has there Jingle all the way i suppose (arnold) but i can't help but notice this mans failure since the mid 90's.

What Stallone needs is to stick to his guns and make a rambo 4 and show us how a retired killing machine lives when he's 55. Or maybe Tango & Cash 2 leaving off right after their trademark clinched high five at the end of the film. Please something other than Spy Kids 3D or Rocky 6, I mean lets face it, your kids a pampered pussy and shouldn't star in a rocky film (yes in Rocky 5 that was his real kid).

The day may come where Frank Stallone
finally carries his brother for once.

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